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Poster LED Display

Poster LED Display

The poster led display has a strong impact to customer's eyes,and it can be used in anywhere,also can remove and install easily.

This product can display vivid advertising videos or brand identity videos, which will attract a lot of customers!

Specifications of Poster LED Display

Pixel Pitch:P1.8/P2/P2.5
Display Size: 640X1600/640X1760/640X1920mm                                    960X1600/960X1760/960X1920mm
Module Size:320x160mm
Material:Iron cabinet
Refresh Rate:3840HZ

Production Line


Package And Delivery


Poster LED Display

Features of Poster LED Display

  • Low power consumption, energy saving 

  • Support customization

  • CE/ROHS/UL/ETL/FCC/CCC/ISO certification

Features of Poster LED Display
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