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Why Smart Street Lamps And Light Pole Led Display Develop Rapidly?

Smart city has obviously become another billion-dollar outlet after the Internet. Faced with such a strong development trend, major LED screen companies are focusing on increasing the development and investment of smart city solution products. Surprisingly, however, in addition to the hot areas such as LED small-pitch display, the LED pole screen has also become the focus of the market, attracting major enterprises to compete for layout. So what's so outstanding about LED light pole screen that it can take the lead in the craze of smart cities?

As one of the main public facilities for people's livelihood in urban construction, the important component of smart street lamps ——LED light pole screen street lamps —— plays an important role in the construction of smart cities compared with other public facilities. With the development of smart city, the smart LED display lamppost is a practice of smart city construction, which is based on street lamps, combined with WiFi Internet technology, power carrier Internet of Things technology and sensing technology. The main applications include smart street lamp integrated management center, smart lighting management system, video surveillance system, WiFi coverage system, smart sensing and publishing system, emergency alarm system and charging pile system. Users can choose different application subsystems for combined application according to actual needs.

As a form of digital signage, smart LED light pole screen has the functions of remote voice intercom, remote interactive video, remote face recognition, WIFI, weather environment monitoring, remote cluster control, etc., and the display effect is very "intelligent", which can present an excellent experience effect of full outdoor highlight and high definition.

On the other hand, the installation of the intelligent LED light pole screen is much more convenient than the conventional display screen, and it only needs the assistance of the light pole, and does not need too much manpower input. In addition, the intelligent LED light pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous playback, so it has natural advantages in road guidance, real-time broadcast of road conditions, information release, advertisement dissemination and so on, and the later maintenance is also very simple. Thus, as an important part of smart street lamps, LED light pole screen is an indispensable part in the construction of smart cities.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the advantages of LED light pole screen products are more prominent, and it can really play a greater role in promoting the construction of smart cities. On the other hand, the construction of smart cities also provides strong technical support for the development of LED display screens. For example, emerging technologies such as 3D and VR under the leadership of smart cities are maturing, and the integration with LED display screens can achieve more possible display effects, providing more comprehensive, accurate and efficient management, applications and services for smart cities.

Nowadays, smart LED light pole screen products have been set up in every corner of the city. Making products that are lighter, more energy-saving, smarter, more beautiful and have more market development advantages has become the development goal of major LED screen companies, leading the new development of smart cities with quality and innovation, and making contributions to accelerating the development of smart city display systems in major cities in China.

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