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LED Intelligent Vehicle Display

LED Intelligent Vehicle Display

Intelligent led display board for car gets benefit from the characteristics of wide release, high information transmission rate, and no limit of time and space, has become into a new type of media for advertising information dissemination.

The led advertising on cars integrates safe and convenient cluster management, synchronized display of terminal devices, GPS remote positioning and information data management. Car advertising display screens combine advertising media needs with cabs to improving the business benefits and efficiency of advertising media, what's more, a transparent, flexible and easy-to-use secondary development solution can save operational costs for customers and can greatly enhance advertising value.

Intelligent LED Display Board For Cars For Sale

LED Intelligent Taxi Top Display
SU-P led taxi sign's cabinets, designed for outdoor led taxi display, the whole screen strictly follows the needs of the taxi sign system to control power consumption and weight and adopts a patented design delay control power system to protect the safety of the vehicle equipment.
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LED Transparent Rear Window Display
Taxi travel around the city all day long, with unparalleled permeability, which has excellent advantage of advertising carrier communication.In addition,with the characteristics of wide release, high information transmission rate, and no limit of time and space, It has become into a new type of media for advertising information dissemination.
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LED Delivery Box Display
The LED Delivery Box Display provides a vibrant and attention-grabbing manner to present messages, logos, photographs, or other pertinent information about the delivery or the participating company.
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Intelligent Vehicle LED  Display Application

Intelligent Vehicle LED Display Application

The intelligent vehicle led display technology has a wide range of applications. It is used in vehicles for displaying information regarding speed, fuel consumption details, navigation directions, and maintenance reminders. The led advertising on cars technology can also help drivers navigate traffic with ease by providing information about road closures, traffic jams, and accidents ahead.

Additionally, car advertising display screens can improve overall safety by detecting potential obstacles, and pedestrians' proximity, and providing collision warnings. Enterprises can use this technology for advertising, providing information about their services or product promotions.

Intelligent vehicle led displays are increasingly becoming more important as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and connected vehicles become more common. Overall, this innovative technology from led advertising screen manufacturers makes driving safer and more interactive, providing drivers with the necessary information to optimize their driving experience.

Want Quality Car LED Display Screen Now?
Keytechled car led display board works well in all these applications. Contact Keytechled now to get quality led display board for cars.
Benefits of LED Intelligent Car Advertising Display Screens

Benefits of LED Intelligent Car Advertising Display Screens

Intelligent in-vehicle system is specially equipped with LED screen displayed on vehicles and mobile advertising media, such as taxis, private cars and buses. Thanks to these high-quality advertisement display board led, you can transmit customers' high-definition videos, product photos or advertising services. The LED car display screen has the advantages of small hardware size, small occupied space, low power consumption, strong anti-overturning performance and good stability.

Why shoud I choose Keytechled intelligent vehicle LED display?

Why shoud I choose Keytechled intelligent vehicle LED display?

The moving vehicle LED advertising on cars solution provided by Keytechled can meet specific applications, including taxi top screens, rear window screens, bus line screens, some information screens installed for the train, road sprinklers, driverless cars, solar moving transportation vehicle screen, door handle information screen and other vehicle-mounted display.

  • LED car display screen and controller are highly integrated and compact in design, supporting the dedicated CAN communication in the field of the vehicle to connect the data of the vehicle host. 

  • Car led display screen is equipped with the TAXIHUB platform to view the vehicle track in real-time, the distance traveled by the vehicle in a single day, and GPS advertisement. 

  • Car led display board can meet your specific project requirements according to different application scenarios. .

We will keep communicating with you during the design process to ensure that the final car advertising display screens and application of scrolling led display meets your needs.

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