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Innovative Application Of LED Display Screen

LED Display Screen For Indoor Application

Advantages: Small spacing technology is applied indoors, not only as a display screen to display some information, videos, etc., but also combined with the Internet and the Internet of Things, so that there will be more interaction between people and screens, and the interaction will be more unrestricted.

Difficulties: In order to cut into the indoor application market, small-pitch LED should meet six technical requirements: how to achieve "low brightness and high gray", how to match the standard resolution of signal sources, how to support system access and display control of multi-signal and complex signals, how to solve the unique display effect problem of small pitch, how to realize seam elimination and high-speed correction, how to reduce the dead light rate and ensure the stability of the screen. In addition, it should be noted that outdoor display screens are selling products, and how much is it for 1 square meter, but indoor display screens are selling overall solutions.

LED Display Screen For Digital Marketing

Advantages: As a typical tool of digital marketing, digital signage has outstanding dataization and networking properties. According to the relevant data survey of Digital Advertising Association (DPAA), as early as 2013, the use of digital physical media in advertising increased to $1.1 billion. Industry users' thirst for digital media has become an important driving force for the growth of digital signage market. Digital marketing includes two aspects: content creativity and appearance creativity.

Difficulties: There are difficulties in how to improve the efficiency of advertising: considerable market investment is needed to enable users to find the information or content they need; It can't be customized. For all audiences, the content received and browsed is the same. There is a problem of screen splicing, so it is necessary to ensure the viewing effect and the overall beauty of the screen.

LED Display Screen For Mobile Media

Advantages: As a mobile advertising display platform, using the LED mobile media car to play advertisements can be regarded as unique and creative. It skillfully combines the big screen with the car, and has a three-dimensional video animation form with rich and varied contents, real-time display of graphic information, which can be used for mobile advertising. Its publicity scope is wide and it can effectively obtain the maximum advertising communication effect.

Difficulties: Because the LED mobile media vehicle is used outdoors, it has to face the harsh outdoor environment, which also poses certain challenges to the waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-exposure performance of the display screen. At the same time, in order to ensure that the display screen can play normally, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the voltage, otherwise the screen body will play abnormally. Secondly, as the carrier of the display screen, the car will inevitably shake when moving, which also puts forward strict requirements for the seismic resistance of the display screen. In addition, the light pollution complaints of LED mobile media vehicles have increased in recent years. Light pollution is mainly caused by brightness. No matter how bright the display screen is during the day, people will not feel dazzling, but at night, too bright the display screen will affect people's lives and even affect the normal driving of drivers.

Car LED Display

Advantages: As a brand-new information medium, the LED car screen can store a lot of text information, and the built-in microprocessor can control the display mode of characters and fonts to realize the function of timing display. Both bus LED car screens and taxi LED car screens have the common characteristics of wide audience and huge market potential.

Difficulties: Due to the special application environment, LED car screen products are required to be moisture-proof, rain-proof, lightning-proof, sun-proof, dust-proof, cold-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, earthquake-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, and at the same time have protection functions such as overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage and undervoltage.


LED Display Screen For Projection

Advantages: LED projectors are a very attractive blue ocean for LED display enterprises. Compared with traditional projectors, LED projectors have many advantages: long service life, energy saving and environmental protection. Due to the long life, low calorific value and high reliability of LED projectors, the maintenance and after-sales costs of the whole machine are much lower than those of traditional projectors. Small, portable and rich in functions, it has strong interoperability with commonly used digital devices. Balance work and life, and be our work assistant at work, making business briefings and small meetings anytime and anywhere; Put it in your carry-on pocket and take it home after work, whether it's watching TV on the set-top box, watching movies on DVD, or playing games on PSP, Wii and X-BOX, it's all right.

Difficulties: At present, pocket projectors are large in size, so they are not really portable projectors. The energy consumption is too high (20-30W or higher), so it is difficult to use battery for power supply and portability, and the portability should be less than 5-10W. High cost, no clear market positioning.

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