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Lightpole IoT System & Solution for Industrial Park

Program Overview

The Smart Light-pole IoT System uses light poles as the overall urban infrastructure to expand the security monitoring, environmental monitoring, communication coverage, visual display, audio broadcasting, emergency charging and other functions required by the property and municipal administration. Moreover, empowered by the IoT and 4G/5G communication technology, big data cloud computing and artificial intelligence analysis technology, it is integrated and transformed into an IoT ecosystem with the architecture covering "Cloud-Area-Edge-Point". In addition, based on a human-oriented visual integrated management cloud platform to realize multi-department and sub-authority functional integration management, data-joint sharing.              

KeytechLED smart light pole terminals can choose different communication access methods based on on-site communication capabilities, including 4G/5G, Ethernet, and optical fiber access to WAN. All instructions and data are analyzed and communicated with terminals and platforms through the KeytechLED cloud service center.        

KeytechLED smart light pole adopts modular application design and standardized interface design, which has strong adaptability. Users can choose what they need according to their own project integration, and can quickly access third-party systems.        

The led advertising company KeytechLED aims to build a smart industrial park management system, a smart community security system, and a smart city service system, and provides comprehensive technical solutions and products of smart cities for enterprises, communities, and governments.

Program Schematic

Smart light pole IoT system application diagram

Smart Light Pole Iot System Application Diagram

Smart Light Pole Functional Module Structure Diagram


Program Features

■ Professional IoT cloud platform

■ Perfect and reliable urban IoT solution module

■ Modular design & standardized interface

■ Cloud service technical support and maintenance

■ Multi-style patented light pole shape design

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