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What Are The Characteristics Of Bus Led Screen Advertisements In The Process Of Communication?

With the improvement of people's living standards, the bus is no longer a simple means of transportation for people. As a carrier of advertising information, it has quickly become a commodity propaganda medium that merchants are keen on with its unique advantages. At the same time, as a mobile advertising media, bus advertising shuttles through the streets and alleys of the city every day, spreading advertisements to the whole city. So, what are its characteristics in the process of communication?

Liquidity and Regionality of Bus LED Display

The city bus shows the advertising information on the bus screen by walking through all the blocks in the city. In the process of information transmission, the movement of buses enables bus-mounted screen advertisements to reappear in the sight of the target audience to the maximum extent, which is conducive to strengthening consumers' image memory, subtly guiding consumers to buy and choose, and enhancing the popularity of advertising products. The characteristics of different buses driving repeatedly in their specific areas enable bus-mounted screen advertisements to quickly seize minority groups, which is conducive to achieving the purpose of advertising. For example, tourist attractions are faced with mass and organized consumer groups. Compared with those consumers who are far away and individuals, it is more appropriate to choose bus-mounted screen advertisements for advertisements in this area. Therefore, targeted on-screen advertisements for buses can effectively save costs and improve the efficiency of advertisements.

Effective Readability of Bus LED Display

The effective visible range of bus advertisements is the premise of reading advertising information intuitively and clearly. The bus models designed according to ergonomics determine that the release range of bus advertisements conforms to people's visual habits. Except for the roof, other parts of the bus advertisement should be kept at a suitable height from people's line of sight, so that the advertising information can easily enter consumers' line of sight, and consumers can also read the advertising information conveniently and easily. The maximum effective visible distance of bus advertisements is 70 to 75 meters. Even if the distance of bus advertisements is longer, even in bad weather, its visibility can reach 30 meters. This fully proves that bus advertisements have scientific visual communication characteristics.

Mandatory Bus LED Display

City buses run in the streets of the city, and all kinds of information on the bus screen advertisements are one-way and irreversible for consumers who travel outside. The advertising information on the bus is continuously released, and consumers can't avoid the advertising information on the bus body whether they like it or not, let alone give up riding or passing by because of the rejection of the on-board screen advertising.

Low-Cost Characteristics of Bus LED Display

The rhythm of urban life and the variety of urban commercial goods determine the spread frequency of goods, which is an important means for goods to establish an image and occupy the consumer market. The transmission frequency of product advertising information and the ratio of capital investment are the prerequisites for choosing the mode of communication. The simple technology and low materials of various forms of advertisements on urban buses lead to low costs but high communication effects.

On-board advertisements of public transport have extensive contact with the floating population, which can leave a short-term vague impression on the target audience and arouse consumers' short-term attention to the information and visual elements conveyed by advertisements. The repeated appearance of high frequency makes the audience's memory deepen for the first time and consolidates the product information and content conveyed by advertisements. In the subsequent contact with car body advertisements, the psychological association of the tall brand image of the goods conveyed by the advertisements is generated, which subtly changes consumers' purchase choices.

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