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Advantages Of Outdoor Street Light Pole Led Display

1. The Outdoor Street Light Pole Led Display Is Put In A Small And Broad Way

Due to the popularity of LED large screen in outdoor advertising media, high-quality screen installation position is becoming a scarce resource for outdoor advertising. In addition, the negative impact on urban management caused by unfavorable factors such as light pollution caused by LED large screen, the approval procedure for outdoor installation location of LED large screen has become more and more complicated and difficult. In recent years, the negative impact of the global economic downturn has had a great impact on other digital media except landmark digital media. In 2014, the advertising of LED advertising screens generally declined. Under the impetus of such background factors, the restriction of outdoor video media development is gradually highlighted, and the demand for small-area outdoor lamp post LED display screen is gradually highlighted.

2. It Is Better Than The Traditional Light Box Advertising Video Playback

The appearance of outdoor LED light pole screen mainly replaces the advertisement of light pole and light box in the market. At present, light box advertisements on the market can discharge two advertisements at most, and the customer groups have to change once every few months, so the number of advertisements placed is limited, while LED lamp pole display screen can discharge advertisements without limit, and LED lamp pole screen can simultaneously place dozens of advertisements, so the utilization rate of lamp pole advertisements is correspondingly increased.

On the other hand, in terms of visual impact, the light box advertises plane advertisements, while the LED light pole display screen can display dynamic video advertisements, which is more attractive in the form of delivery. Comparatively speaking, dynamic advertisements have stories and plots. No matter whether anyone is watching them or not, as long as they are broadcast, there will always be people's attention. The static advertisement is a picture, and one or two sentences often can't express the meaning well, so it can attract less attention, especially in the hurried place like the road, where the audience may not have time to pay attention to the existence of the advertisement. Therefore, in comparison, the advantages of outdoor lamppost LED display are obvious.

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