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Full-color LED Advertising Era Of Bus Window

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, the requirements of major brand companies for outdoor advertising are getting higher and higher. The old outdoor advertising modes (such as single-column advertising, light box advertising, bridge advertising, three-sided advertising, etc.) no longer meet the needs of users, and traditional outdoor advertising has caused visual fatigue.

Looking at the current domestic bus rear window LED advertising market, due to the policy differences of local governments, the bus rear window LED advertising is still in a blank stage in some places, and some places have changed from the previous monochrome LED screen advertising to full-color LED screen advertising. I believe that in the future, bus LED mobile media advertisements will be more and more favored by outdoor advertisers.

In cities and more developed villages and towns, buses are public means of transportation for the convenience and benefit of the people, which are not only low in cost, but also relatively long in the journey and very cost-effective, and are very suitable for residents to go to work and travel. But in fact, buses do not only play the role of transportation, modern buses also play the role of information dissemination media and urban landscape components. Friends who often take buses should be no strangers. There is often an LED display screen in the rear window of the bus, on which the corresponding advertising content is scrolled in turn. In fact, this is the function of the LED advertising screen in the rear window of the bus-spreading advertisements.

Then, why do advertisements move from traditional TV, newspapers, and other media to the LED advertising screen in the rear window of the bus? Through our understanding, the LED advertisement in the rear window of the bus has the following characteristics:

  • Mobility, the fundamental purpose of spreading information is to let the target group receive the relevant product information, and the bus that shuttles to every corner of the city is undoubtedly a very good carrier for the citizens to receive information; At the same time, buses flow around the city, and good advertisements can become a beautiful landscape of the city.

  • The bus LED window screen can continuously play advertising information for about 10 hours from morning till night, which lasts longer and has higher benefits compared with TV and newspapers; The audience is wider.

  • The cost has great advantages compared with traditional advertising media; Saves the traditional manual typesetting, printing, and sticker costs, as long as the computer design, and one-click delivery to complete the advertisement release. If there is any problem with the advertising effect, it can be changed at any time, saving time and money. The dissemination of information is wide, and the forms of product release are diversified. Products can be spread in the form of images, videos, and texts.

In addition to the normal commercial advertisements, the advertisements in the rear window of public transport can also publish various public service advertisements to cultivate media popularity, such as public service advertisements, various searching for you, and various knowledgeable person closely related to people's livelihood. Of course, to achieve the best advertising effect, a high-quality LED car advertising screen is indispensable. The future has arrived, and the future is more predictable. In the context of the country's vigorous promotion of spiritual civilization and civilized city construction, public transport media people join hands to create this special postcard of a good city!

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