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LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display

LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display

The cutting-edge composite application product known as the "smart light pole" combines several information technologies and tools. The product integrates monitoring equipment, security equipment, IoT acquisition equipment, communication equipment, audio-visual publishing equipment, and new energy charging equipment.

LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display Features

LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display Features

Modular structure design

Smart light pole adopts a modular structure design, and all equipment can be freely disassembled and assembled, which is convenient for transportation and packaging.  There are grooves on all four sides of the  pole, and all functional application equipment can be attached and fixed through standard connectors.  The installation height and direction of the equipment can be freely set as required.

Aluminum profile LED flashing pole

The aluminum profile is used as the main body of the light pole, and the galvanized steel pipe is used as the base of the light pole.  The structure is solid and stable, and the shape is elegant and beautiful.  The four sides of the profile can be arranged with flashing LED strips as a city landscape.

Free combination of functional equipment

Modular structure design, based on DM integrated management platform, users can freely choose and combine required functional equipments or customize exclusive equipments and control solutions according to their needs.

Smart cloud platform + APP dual control

Smart light pole runs under the self-developed cloud platform.  All the equipment of the light pole can be connected to the DM integrated management cloud platform.  Users can manage and control all the light poles and equipments of poles under their jurisdiction by logging in to the web management platform.  At the same time, it can also be managed and controlled on the mobile terminal through the smart light pole APP. The operation data and working status of the light pole equipment can be monitored and queried in real time.  Light poles and equipment can be managed and controlled by hierarchical authorization.

Details of LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display

It uses street lamp poles as the carrier and LoRaWAN / NB-IoT Internet of Things communication technology to achieve smart lighting. Additionally, based on the DM cloud service platform, the unified management and control of each equipment system's functions can be achieved. The product has a significant adaptability and utilizes a modular structure design and standardized interface design. Depending on their demands and application scenarios, users can freely select or modify various functional modules, and it can easily access third-party systems.

Details of LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display

LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display Gallery

LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display
LED Multi-Function Lamp Post Display
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